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    additional account?


      last month globe called us offering us to upgrade our current plan 899 to plan 999 so we agreed because they said they'll hand out a new handphone without cashout for the phone but they asked us for 1000 php and we gave it to them. additional to the phone  is said to have 3gb allotment of data, unli calls and texts and 1gb spotify which have not been used yet. but then today i receive another bill that is due this nov. 12 when we just paid last october 26-28 for the wifi. they also mentioned another account number belonging to the phone. does this mean i have to pay separately for the phone and the broadband? i thought plan 999 includes the phone and the broadband because when i asked from before the staff said that we will only hand out 999 php a month.


      im confused please explain because i really can't pay two bills from globe at the same month because my finance is already budgeted.

      would be nice if you could help me with my concerns.