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    SURFALERT ON Now Working


      Why Globe keeps on charging me data fees (5/15mins) even though I'm subscribed to SURFALERT ON? Globe already confirmed that I'm subscribed to SURFALERT ON:

      You're already subscribed to SurfAlert. Get free text and USSD alerts when your phone or device connects to the internet and you are not on a surf promo. To avoid unexpected charges, browsing will be put on hold until you register to a surf promo. To register, dial *143# and choose GoSURF. To turn off alerts and continue surfing at regular browsing rate, just text SURFALERT OFF to 8080. For more info, text SURFALERT HELP to 8080.

      I'm even subscribed to one of Globe's surf promo and yet they charged me 5/15mins without my permission or SURFALERT is ON. So 2 services are not working, SURFALERT ON and my surf promo!LOADWATCH keeps on notifying me about my deducted balance until it becomes ZERO.

      Why this problem occurred? This is wasting my money! I will report this to DTI and NTC if this won't be fixed ASAP. I already contacted talk2globe chat but no reply yet.

      Please fix this ASAP!