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    High Latency on Paladins Game after modem replacement


      I am encountering High Latency (Ping) on Paladins. This is a game in Steam. This happened after they change my modem because of restarting issue.


      The weird part is I can get the 90-100 Latency Which is still high but the usual latency before I change the modem on Dota 2. and even less than 100ms on Google.


      Another thing is when I ping the gateway (, i get 30-50ms even on LAN or WiFi. This should be not the case because it is only 1 hop away. 1-2 ms is what you could expect for gateway latency even in WiFi.


      The only thing I can think of is that this modem has a QoS functionality that is not visible in the admin management. I checked the QoS and even tried to use it myself because of the latency issue I am encountering.


      Please check.  My Modem is a vertically standing Prolink white with USB slot.