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      Just wanted to tell you guys have the best customer service representatives in the WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!


      Placing customer on hold, rather on MUTE is the best and to further elaborate took about 15 minutes without getting/checking up with the customer - THE BEST CALL ETIQUETTE AND SOFT SKILLS TRAINING WHEW!!! (baka lang nag break yung agent kaya nakalimutan ako, sorry)


      Another fun part, since I was concerned with the agent who placed me on MUTE for 15 minutes, I decided to drop and call again. Guess what's surprising?! - the IDIOT didn't leave her notes/remarks on my account - GENIUS EH!!!


      To begin with, my only concern was for them to make a NOTE as early as now, that I am still not being registered to the HOOQ 6 mos subscription free deal, yet it is already being started (as per billing) as soon as my upgrade was done in September. - SIMPLE right? I didn't ask her to resolve why I am still not being registered yet got the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE STILL