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    Iphone 7 32gb - Online Application


      I am applying for Iphone 7 32GB through online. I submitted all the required documents upon registration and chose to pick it up in store once it is approved. I already talked to 2 Agents of Globe.


      1st Agent - She just validated the information that i put in online form and documents.

      2nd Agent - more validation of the information and she said that the next step will be employment verification.

      I am still waiting for the 3rd call. Last Thursday, I missed to answer the call from Globe because I was in a meeting. Today, I answered the call from Globe, but the line was disconnected or the agent dropped it.


      - How many calls do i need to expect before i can get the Iphone 7?

      - Can I follow up my application through phone? I am very disappointed with their online chat.


      Why the process is quite redundant and annoying. I noticed that if you miss to answer their call, the next call will be after 3 working days. Can't the agent call on the same day?


      I hope that Globe knows that their agents from external party are not doing their job very well.


      Please share your experiences in getting the Iphone 7. Thanks!