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    Is there a new Fair Use Policy in place?


      I'm asking because since October, when we reach our monthly 30GB cap, we no longer get throttled down to 30% of our speed, but we get throttled to 100-200 kbps. Max we can reach is 240 kbps,


      I called their hotline regarding the matter thrice on separate days, and the first 2 agents acknowledged that there's a problem caused by the storm last October that is affecting their system. The third one, however, said that once we reach the cap, our speed won't just go down to 30% of the subscribed plan, but will also go lower as we use it more. She said our only option is to wait for the data cap to refresh on November.


      Just yesterday, as soon as our data usage reach 30GB, our speed crashed to 200 kbps, just like in October. This is alarming, and quite frankly very annoying, since today in 2016, a 200 kbps connection will not get you anywhere (the desktop site of Facebook won't even load).


      I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing this