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    Recontracting Queries


      My contract is soon out of the lock-in period in a few days... I am currently at a plan P999 Best-ever Plan. Does this mean that if I recontract, I can recontract at a lower Plan (599 or 799) without penalties?


      I was also informed that I may retain my current number. Is this correct?


      I was calling customer service, but currently must wait for 40 minutes...  and the lines at the Globe Center now is very long... These are the only 2 venues to address processing of recontracting, am I right?

      Thanks, and have a nice day.

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          downgrading of plan if it is still with in contract is subject to pre term fee , however if you wanted to retain the same amount of plan 30 days before your contract end  you can already avail of the recontracting program but plan will be migrated to the mylifestyle plan since Best Ever Mysuper plan is no longer being offered... if you wish to inquire about the available handset for recontracting you may call 02-730-1300 | 8am to 10pm toll


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            Hi, as long as 1 month prior end of your contract and you don't have any balances on your acct.. you are already eligible to recontract your line.. And the same mobile number, if you want to renew your line other ways is you can process it on your own just log on to accounts.globe.com.ph

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              MR GT.

              yes, you can re contract and request to downgrade ur line once you're out of contract or 30 days prior end of contract and yes you will maintain your current number for more info kindly dial 02 730-1300 open 8am-10pm.