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    Phone Availability


      Does recontracting have a different inventory for use in their Phones?


      I checked the availability of the Samsung J3 phone in the Globe Store for Plan799, and it says it is available.


      I am due for recontracting, as my postpaid plan contract has ended. I called up customer service to facilitate my processing, and was devastated to find out that there are no more available phone units for free in the Plan799. I will have to wait 2 weeks to find out if there will be any units available.


      If I want to recontract at plan 799, I'd have to settle with the bill rebate (of P125, if I am not mistaken...) and should I desire to get a phone when it is available, process a recontract with an admin fee of around P550 (If my memory serves me right).




      I am planning to drop by the Globe Store this weekend - hopefully the line will not be very long, and see if the phone I want will be available...


      I probably should have processed my recontracting earlier, rather than wait for the end.