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    PayMaya - GCash


      Hello! So I've been searching for ways to buy GLoad using paymaya but I couldn't find any.

      So my question is, is there a way to buy load using Creditcards or so? I Know GCash but sadly

      I loaded a bit more money in paymaya. So is there a way of sending money/buying load using paymaya?(Without Upgrades).

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          Boss nakita ko tong tanung mo. Ask ko lang kung nakahanap ka ng sulusyon jan? Kasi its the exact same concern ko din . My paymaya is not upgraded so im thinking if I can link my paymaya virtual card to gcash and then use paymaya as source of funds.

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            Let me clarify. Are you asking how to by load on Paymaya or how to transfer load from Paymaya to GCASH.


            PayMaya is a different service and a direct competitor of GCASH . Unfortunately, I don't believe they will be interconnected in the near future.

            However, if you can withdraw or transfer from PayMaya to Bank, you can do Bank to Paymaya or Cash-in Anywhere on GCASH Partners and outlets nationwide