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    Excessive Data Charging


      Hello Everyone. I have a concern in my data charging this month. My data usage resets every 21st. On the 24th of the same month, upon inquiry, I have already used 5gb out of my 10gb allotment. My plan is 1799 per month with 24 months free viber, fb and instagram. I only use IG and Viber for the apps and Google for light research. I don't even watch videos on the internet. So I am just confused why I'm being charged with 5gb in just 4 days if I'm only doing light surfing and availing of the free apps. Now I'm afraid of turning on my cellular data as it may charge me again without even using the internet. Has anyone also encountered the same problem? I'm afraid to look at my next billing. And I don't like to feel this way since I have been a good payer and a loyal customer.