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    Upgrading Mechanics


      Hi, I just want to ask. I just recently connected to Broadband Plan 1199 (5mpbs).I actually wanted the 10mbps but my agent said he cannot offer it to me at the time. I'm only at my 2nd month of subscription. I do have a couple of question.


      Can I upgrade (they call it recontacting) to a higher plan without changing the modem/phone it comes with? I find it a waste to have been paying my monthly amortization for them only to have another set of fees when I upgrade.


      Can it be under my name again? The people in my neighbourhood, when they upgraded, was advised to just cut the current line and register a different individual in the same address for the plan. But I don't want to have my name tarnished.


      What are the fees I need to consider when upgrading?


      Lastly, though it's quite off topic. My internet is very slow, it won't even reach 100kbps for a week now. My 5mbps is useless. I still want to keep the line but I want to prepare first some valid arguments before I actually call the hotline. Any advice? I though the contract said it promises 80% reliability and q minimum of 200kbps(which is still very slow, mind you).


      Thank you.