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    Is Tattoo on-the-go the right choice for me.




      im living in the Province (Isabel/Leyte). In the moment im using  TM with gosurf promotion. But the net i very unreliable and slow, specially for voice and video calls with messenger. Now i tried my neighbours  pocket wifi, and i have to say the net is much better, not perfect like im used from my European provider, but at least useable.

      Now my question, is Tattoo on-the-go using the same network like a normal cellphone ? Im using the Net alone and don't want to use it with any other device than my phone, don't need to share it.

      So change my SIM to a new Globe SIM with LTE should be enough for me, right? A pocket wifi makes no sense for me, i don't want to carry around and charge a second device.

      Are the Globe Tattoo Pocket wifis using the same promotions then a normal smart phone, or do they have some special promotions ?