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    What's the difference between RSRQ, RSRP, and RSSI, and how does SINR affect all three of them? (Also contains signal strength questions for my modem)


      Thread title. I did my own research about these stuffs, don't get me wrong. I read that for an LTE/4G, a good RSRP range would be from 0~-75, and above those is more or less unusable. Modem model is B315s-936


      But then we have these other two information: RSSI and RSRQ. I read that RSSI is for 2G, 3G, and 3.5G, but it's also shown on the modem's information page so I thought that it somehow has to do something with the modem's signal strength.


      And I do know that SINR is Signal-Interference-to-Noice-Ratio, and that with a simple equation I can get a SINR margin which will determine how strong my signal is, and how much noise there is. However, what I saw is an equation with RSSI, and not with RSRP. I want some clarification about these.


      Now the reason why I'm suddenly interested in this is because my internet got SUPERBLY fast for the last 2 weeks, but suddenly slowed down to what it was 2 months ago on November 24. It might also be worth saying that relocating the modem did something the PAST FEW DAYS, but starting yesterday, it doesn't do anything, except for one instance.


      Yesterday, from morning up to evening, internet is slow. I haven't checked the modem page back then so I won't be able to provide the information. The modem is originally located in our living room, and between morning and afternoon I'd switch between the living room and my bedroom because the latter proved to be a better place for the modem. Unfortunately it didn't do anything, and it was so very frustrating. And then that evening, hoping for a one last try for the internet to speed up and be back to its normal state, I put it back in the bedroom and voila--720p streaming on youtube, just like the past few days. And yes, unfortunately I haven't been able to check the modem's page.


      I do hope that tonight will be the same as yesterday, but for now I will give the information that the modem page has for me.


      5RSRQ (dB):-9dB
      6RSRP (dBm):-101dBm
      7RSSI (dBm):-79dBm
      8SINR (dB):0dB


      RSRQ fluctuates from -7dB~-9dB and RSRP from -99dBm~-101dBm


      Just like what I was saying above, my RSRP is beyond the -75 range. It might also be worth noting that the last time I checked, I've already used up my data allowance of 30GB, but it just makes things more complicated because of what I have said earlier: I can stream youtube just fine that night, just like any other day. If the reduced speed is because of my data allowance being used up, then streaming youtube at 720p would not be possible (if I understand the usage of data allowance right).


      So...... what could be the problem? Why does it sometimes speed up when in the bedroom, and sometimes doesn't? Why does it sometimes has the same speed whether it's on the living room or in the bedroom?


      I'm sorry if this is one heck of a long post, and I do hope that someone can give an answer both to what RSRQ, RSRP, RSSI, and SINR are and the strange occurrences with my internet connection.