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    Escalation: Netflix and Chromecast


      Hi - anybody else upgraded to new broadband plans with Netflix and Chromecast?


      Hi Globe - I've constantly followed up via hotline and messenger since September but still I haven't received either Netflix activation email or Chromecast. May I know what is happening here? One of the agents even gave an incorrect info just to shoo me away. He said that there is no stock of Chromecast since Oct 7. my brother though upgraded his broadband 3 weeks ago and received his chromecast last week. Can you please explain this ? I upgraded my account last Sept 2016.

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          This is the same problem we are having. We got our upgrade to fiber in November 2016, and we have yet to get the redemption code for Netflix. We have called, contacted Globe through Facebook and even gone into the service center. We always get the same answers: "it will be escalated" or "backend Netflix support will follow up." This has been so frustrating. By the way, we never even got info for HOOQ or NBA pass. Even if we are not interested in those, I don't understand why we have not received any information on how to access them.