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    Globe LTE Broadband installation


      Hi guys. I just want to share a weird encounter with one of these Globe field agents just today.


      I was applying for a DSL connection from another Telco company since October. Until now (Dec. 5 2016) nothing, not a single agent or installation team went to us despite of our completely submitted requirements and weekly follow-ups. So I've decided to ask my tita about other options and he referred me to a Globe agent (Not sure if I can post the name of the agent here). So I called her last saturday to know the available services in our area (Bulacan) and we ended with the LTE Plan 1299. I told her I'll be calling back by monday to verify our request for installation.


      So here's the weird stuff, I called today. I asked her if when can they install the broadband within this week and to my surpise, today daw. Nothing can be wrong here except that it seems that they are rushing the installation. I asked them if can they do it by saturday since it's my off from work and para andun ako sa house while they are working, also para may pera ako since I don't want to burden my parents for payment of installation fee. Instead, she insisted to install it today. Kesyo may promo daw na hinahabol. I argued that my paycheck will arrive by wednesday which means that I can't pay the installation fee if they insist to work on it today, and this is where things really went awkward. She told me that they can install the internet connection today and I can pay them by wednesday through money remittance. Something is not right there, noh? kahit tita ko saka yung isang friend niya na nakapagpa-install na through this person, nagtaka. Since as far as I know upfront payment talaga ang ginagawa.


      To cut it short, I played safe thinking that this agent might be bogus or desperate to reach a certain quota.


      I wonder if some of you guys have encountered a similar situation. Nakakatakot din kasi since nagbibigay tayo sa kanila ng personal details natin. And if ever may moderators sana dito who can help us verify the identity of these agents whether they are really affiliated or not.


      Thank you and more power guys.