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    Status of my "for delivery" Unit?


      I would like to inquire the status of my "for delivery" phone unit, reference number 108873160.

      Here is a small history the transaction.

      I Initially applied at Greenbelt 4, November 29, 2016 for a Postpaid Plan with phone. Filling up forms and submitting all the necessary requirements. COMPLETED

      December 2, I received a phone call telling me to re-submit my application thru email.

      December 3, I submitted all the requirements thru email.

      6 days after my initial application on Greenbelt 4, I received a phone call that my unit is for delivery.


      December 6, Morning : Sir your unit will arrive today.

      December 6, Noon     : Sir, sorry but due to our system issues, your unit should arrive by Dec. 7

      December 7, Morning : Sir, sorry but we cannot deliver your unit due to our system issues. We will contact you ASAP.


      Up to now, I still have not receive a phone call. I kept telling your staff that the item must be delivered ASAP. I have already moved my appointments on Cebu just to accommodate your delivery schedule, which is supposed to be today.

      I also kept telling your staff if I can pick-up my unit at Greenbelt 4 which where I initially submitted and filled up my application, but she said that it is not possible.


      I do really need the phone ASAP. I might go to CEBU tomorrow.



      Thanks! Hope to receive my Unit Today!