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      We are charged for calls made to Globe and TM, though it clearly mentions that we are subscribed to the unli Globe and TM calls, the worst thing is, there is no one there to help us..


      They answer the mails of course but they do not look into the fact that the documentary evidence is there, we pay the monthly unli call charges, and yet, we are still charged for every calls..


      What's the solution here?

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          we do apologize for the inconvenience but you van try to contact us at 211 or (02)7301000 to check your account. In that way we can validate your account and make the right solution.

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            M' Zel

            Let me confirm, you was charged of calls to globe/tm even you have subscription of unlicall and text to globe/tm numbers? if it was the case, call 211 or (02)730-1000 open 24 hours to dispute the charges

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                Actually, we have always informed them.. and they give me a reference code every week.


                I'm getting tired of this.. is there anu agency we can report this to? Like a consumer protection hotline, SEC, or maybe NTC, this is a clear case of fraud.



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                have you tried to call the hotline ? cause if you are subscribe to unli call and txt to globe and  tm  you can dispute the charges and the agent can make a request for reversal

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                  MR GT.

                  For this kind of issue you can contact the hotline 211 open for 24hrs to validate the charges and if in case you have the unlicall and text to globe/tm they can dispute the charges bcoz that is valid for reversal

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