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    Loyalty Rewards offer of Monthly Php1599 with 10mbps connection


      Hi, anybody who has experienced here also of being offered by the GLOBE Loyalty Rewards Dept of an upgrade from 3mbps to 10mbps broadband connection, from a previous monthly fee of Php1,299 to Php1599? This landline/ internet account would include a 6-month free Netflix subscription and a Google chromecast token.


      Apparently, the same 10mbps now is being publicly offered for a Php1,299 monthly fee only, landline included and all the other Netflix perks. And to think this is a loyalty reward offer. Tsk


      Anybody who experienced same fraudulent situation with Globe's Loyalty Rewards department? Did you take any legal action towards it? Kindly give inputs as I'm planning to raise this issue to higher authorities to warn the public. Thanks in advance