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    Fair Use Policy Warning - Makes Things Worse


      Okay, so I have a 7GB cap daily that refreshes at 12MN. Whenever I'm nearing it, I get a warning that I'm nearing 7.0GB, and that if I still want to continue browsing, I should click continue. If I exceed the cap, my speed will be throttled.


      The problem is, the frigging warning page goes down EVERY NIGHT. Case in point:




      Capture 2.PNG


      So if this is page is down, which it is 95% of the time, I can't click on "continue browsing", hence I can't go to any website other than Facebook (which I try to avoid AMAP).


      Either this is horrible hosting for a major ISP, or a very elaborate method of preventing further bandwidth. I'm less annoyed by the throttling compared to not being able to go to ANY website at all. 5 people in my family share and need the internet for work, school, and unwind.


      Get rid of this stupid crap, Globe.