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    No Lockup Plan 799




      I applied for a No Lock Up Plan worth 799 for 6GB data, etc. One of the "perks" is free facebook for 2 years. I got a text the next day after I activated it that my free facebook ended already! Question is, how can I be assured that I am getting the free facebook feature that came up with MY plan?


      Edit: When I browse my facebook app and I don't see the free facebook message on top of my screen. This is very disappointing.


      Second question is, my plan also comes with free spotify with 1gb allocated to it. I alread have an existing spotify account, when i stream using spotify using my existing account, will it be deducted from the 1gb bandwidth allocated supposedly with the free spotify?



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          Hi! We have the same plan, as far as I know it will not be deducted to the 1gb Spotify data if you use your existing spotify account. It wil count on your 6gb plan.


          If youd like to use the Free 3 months 1gb spotify freebie, youlll need to create a new spotify accoount. You can create one by entering your mobile number here spotify.globe.com.ph


          With regards to the free fb, I strongly suggest to contact Globe about it coz we have the same issue about ti

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            you can monitor your data usage if when browsing FB is consuming your 6gb data. and for your spotify you can use your existing spotify all you need to do is Log on to www.spotify.com

            1. log on

            2. click get premium you will see there spotify for 3mos

            3. choose globe to the payment method (see logo)

            4. key in your number

            5. click next until you reach that you are now play premium..


            *you can download Gservices or data manager for data monitoring. you can also check it thru *143#.

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