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    NTC complaint


      Hi Globe Team,


      This would be the last time to reach Globe personnel before i file a NTC complaint


      I would like to seek for your help to fix my Globe postpaid plan for the reason that i can't use the Globe services (Call & Internet). I called your customer service 12 times since December 6,2016 to December 13, 2016. To cascade this issue on your network services.


      After the balance has been paid, i reconnected my line with the assistance of Globe Agent and it was successfully connected. But the only problem is, i can't use your services. Its been a week and still nothing happens.


      I went to Globe store (MOA site) to brought up this issue, (with the help of Carlo and Jhevy your personnel) they couldn't fix it so they email the technical support to deliver the issue. But still nothing happen. Also, there's no update at all.


      On the other hand, my time is running and you guys billing my plan that apparently i can't get what I've been paying for.


      Can you please do something?nelskib


      Im extending my patience