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    Wrong Information




      At this point, we are at the point of filing a legal action to your company. We are trying to get the information right here.


      My girlfriend called in on Nov 27, 2016 with reference number 141484964 to an agent ztp01731. She was informed that there was no need to pay any amount on the Dec 17, 2016 due date. She asked again to be sure since she was looking on her SOA and it reflected an overcharged bill (which was finally resolved after 3 months) and the agent informed her that YOUR SYSTEM IS ALWAYS UP TO DATE. now this is where the real issue started. I called in to request for a call retrieval of the said date to know if the agent documented what he/she said to my girlfriend, reference number: 108870610. upon making a follow up call, i was informed that the escalation was invalid since there was no recorded call at that time. that was what the agent informed me, which is not true since we have a reference number indicating that concern. now, that said agent also submitted a request to waive the bill for the said due date with reference number: 143087134. now, doing a follow up on this reference number, i was informed that it was cancelled since my girlfriend was using the service from Nov 27, 2016 till this day. THAT IS NOT THE REASON WHY THE AGENT OPTED TO WAIVE THE BILL. THE REASON WAS BECAUSE YOUR AGENT GAVE MY GIRLFRIEND AN INVALID INFORMATION. YOU, YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE CANT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF WHAT THE AGENT DID. YOU KEEP ON FINDING OTHER OPTIONS TO CIRCUMVENT THE PROBLEM. TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE MISTAKE OF YOUR AGENT AND JUST LET US GET THIS MONTH OFF. I DONT KNOW HOW TO EMPHASIZE THIS FURTHER SINCE I CANT SHOUT ON THE INTERNET RIGHT?




      Thank you and hope that you will experience what majority of your customers are experiencing with your so called customer service.