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    Problem after Upgrading Globe WiFi connection


      I just recently upgraded my Globe WiFi connection from 2 Mbps/20GB to 15 Mbps/80 GB.

      Now I cannot access from my PC to my Router any more. Therefore I also cannot block or deny any unwanted users from stealing

      my bandwidth. I am using a software called: "Who's On My WiFi" (Windows Detection Agent Version 4) for to detect the MAC addresses of those unauthorized users  Now this software is also being useless. I can still see those users' MAC Addresses, but I can not do anything!

      When I try to connect to my Wifi with a Samsung Smartphone I just get error: B315_5348F Authentication error.

      When I try WPS set-up, Samsung asks me to enter a PIN code on my WiFi router. How could I enter the PIN when I cannot access to the Router?


      How can I possibly solve this problem?  Any ideas?

      My router is: Huawei B315 LTE CPE

      Operating system: Windows 8.1 (64 bit) and my browser is: Chrome


      Thank you for your kind assistance in advance.

      With Regards: FalconED from South Cotabato