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    Transfer of Location


      So before we decide to apply for globe broadband, we were advised na possible namin magamit ang net or unit sa ibang location (unit: 936). It's been years and ngayon lang namin trinansfer yung unit from a provincial area to a commercialized area. Then I called cx service para sa transfer of location. After 24hrs, feedback was unserviceable and have an option to wait for a month or more para sa checking of service. Then I asked for a faster option until one agent told me that the retention department can give me an option of giving a slot for their loyal customers in an extra cabinet that is reserved for emergency purposes. I was asking for that option but they can't provide me something. I was wondering if there is really an option of extra cabinet or not? Or if I really have to wait for a month or more for something unsure of? Why is it so hard to request for that transfer of location?