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    Mysterious but unjustified disappearaning prepaid load


      Globe 09163033834


      Globe 09272575688


      Recently I transferred a load of 101 pesos from Globe -3834 to Globe -5688, then after one day I transferred a load of 101 pesos from Globe -5688 to Globe -3834.


      How come my balance now at Globe -3834 is less by 48.50 pesos?


      Please return the missing 48.50 as of 121716 Saturday 06:47 AM!


      And I never do anything at all except make use of my accumulated free text messages and free inquiries on balance, with the Globe -3834 phone.


      I had suffered a lot of missing loads in the past, and after endless trips to the nearest Globe business office, I succeeded in fixing the trouble, even though I never got back all my accumulated lost loads.


      Now the trouble is back; please stop unjust deductions!


      Contact me by email, mdejess(at)gmail.com, or just return the missing 48.50 pesos.


      Now, it seems that Globe is charging me or deducting from my load everyday 1.50 pesos, and I don’t know why, when I am not using it at all except of using my accumulated free text messages.


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