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    regret switching to globe broadband


      since December 17 until now .22mbps parin speed ng lte 1299 ko. maraming nasayang na araw na sana nakapagwork ako. called several times but wala parin resolution. sana di nalang ako nagswitch sa globe. ok na sana ung 3mbps na unlimited sa dati kong isp. globe ano na?

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          Hi, Globe was not clear when stating to everyone how much would be the speed after you've used your 50 gb, specially if your LTE 1299, Mostly you've been told "Ma'am/ Sir, if you use your 50 Gb your speed will be lowered to 30%".


          90% of globe employees/reps think that fup still on going (I don't know why all rep/employees/ tech support was not updated about this and thinking  30% trotted speed is still ongoing for all broadband plans)


          (This was removed after globe implemented lower Price plan for faster speed. Its an eye candy but it too good to be true, how can you lower a price if you will not sacrifice something.)


          (10Mbps ==> 3 Mbps)....Well that's a LIE, specially for Broadband LTE Users.


          From start we thought this was a tech issue. but its not. We've conducted a research about this, and in the end we found out.

          1.) all existing LTE Broadband all speeds, 30% is not implemented anymore. does not matter if your an old subscriber (Oh contract?  globe does not bother) and a new one.

          2.) the only subscribers that can retain this 30% fup policy  is the DSL users. (Funny dsl users has a data cap also)

          3.)Globe did not clarify to the subscribers , before they sell their plans, they could just told up us upfront that speed will reach 250-65 kbps. but they used "may be lowered to 250-65kbps".

          4.)New marketing strategy limited the data usage,due to prob supporting all sub asking for faster speed, globe system cant cope, if they make the speed much faster there will be a high demand in bandwidth, and since the bandwidth they can give is limited. why not limit the subscriber that use a large bandwidth and at the same time sell the bandwidth. i love their marketing stategy


          sadly we don't have a law for this for current telco in the country exploiting this. and 98% of subscribers are not aware of this, shame no transparency, all about the money and to save their skins.