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    how to stop changing cell id


      5 month all was fine, but now since 3 month my cell id change every 20 minutes.

      my signal (lte) goes over 4 different cell id: 002,003,004,006

      3 and 6 is all fine, but they change every 20 min to 2 or 4.

      my SINR(db) is then -10 to -20 and the packet-loos is so high u cant surf.

      with cell id 3 and 6 the SINR is +10 to15.

      is there a way to stop this cell id changing ? in the router option is nothing for this.

      i dont see how i can send this to a globe techniker, i tried the messenger and speak over 1 month every day with the globe agents but they dont understand and awnser once per day, so i must explain every day again and i give up.

      any idea ?