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    Delayed Billing


      Hey I just would like to ask if it's normal for your billing to be delayed? It was supposed to be sent on my email on the 20th. But it's 22 now I still didn't receive my bill. Please help

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          Same case here. Supposed to received it on the 16th.

          Globe sent me an SMS a few days ago saying that they do have a "system issue" that's why the December bill is delayed. They promised to extend the payment due date and that my service will remain uninterrupted. They'll inform the customers once the bill becomes available.

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            hi neonred,

            i'm sorry to hear that however globe already aware of the issue and they already addressing it. Moving forward for the bills without generated yet the bills will be available until end of December. And for the bills generated already the bills can be viewed at accounts.globe.com.ph will be delivered in a few days. And according to them that they adjusted the due date. And the next bill due date will return to the normal schedule.