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    moto z clarification | no cash out?



      I came from the note 7 and returned it to a globe shop already.


      I wanted/prefer a 64G device and the only other one is the Moto Z. So I returned the note7 and ordered a Moto Z under the impression that charge-to-bill will also apply like the note7.


      Thing was, charge-to-bill (at that time) is only applicable to Samsung and Apple phones.


      So looking for a no-cash out option, i found on the shop.globe.com.ph website that the moto z can be had for plan 1999 in its description; however, all available plans include a cash out of at least 15k.


      So I am confused.


      are there plans to apply charge-to-bill for motorola?

      are there plans to apply the free at my lifestyle plan 1999?


      Because I am jumping on this as soon as it is available.