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    Globe Broadband LTE sim to Pocket wifi


      Hi, I have Globe Broadband plan 1299, Since it has LTE sim I would like to use the sim to my pocket wifi, I tried to put the LTE sim to my pocket wifi but it is not working, Is there any possible settings to perform to make it work?


      Thank you in advance.




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          Hi there Rex,


          Yup you can use your lte sim to your pocket wifi, You just have to create a new profile in your pocket wifi, See Below;


          Connection Name: "You can put any name here)"

          Username: Leave Blank

          Password: Leave Blank

          Select: Static

          APN: athome


          That's it your plan 1299 sim is now working on your pocket wifi, HOWEVER, you cannot bring your pocket wifi outside of the cell id your LTE sim was registered, in our case, it is the cell id near our home where our broadband was installed.


          I too was searching on how to use this outside range of the cell site.