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    Prepaid Supersurf and Speed Refresh


      I like to ask, after I reach the 800MB a day of Supersurf can I add Speed Refresh to add to my Supersurf. Because first I subscribe SUPERSURF999 and second I add SPEEDREFRESH500 after I reach the limit of Supersurf, I try to load and subscribe to Speed refresh then after I reach +300MB of data usage I unable to connect to other website such as Google and Youtube except for Facebook. I don't know what happen, SPEEDREFRESH has 2.5GB limit. I don't know if the Supersurf and Speed refresh will work.

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          it is very sad to discover after paying your 50 pesos to surf all day it is very sad to discover you cannot watch youtube all day for only 50 pesos it is also said to discover that the mastercard they sell to you is not truly a mastercard and that it only works at a few places and nowhere outside of the philippines very sad and dishonest