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    Verification not sent for Globe Broadband


      I'm trying to add a Globe Broadband (LTE) account to My Account but the verification is not being sent to my e-mail. I've already checked the spam folder but it's also not there.


      Image 1: Adding an Account. Since I'm adding a Globe Broadband I chose Broadband and typed the account number. Since it's Globe Broadband, it should send the verification code to my registered e-mail address right?



      Image 2. Account List. After waiting for some time of not receiving an e-mail. I close the Add Account popup and refresh the page to see if the account was added. In the image below you can see that the Broadband was changed to Landline Postpaid.



      Image 3. Verify Account. I clicked the Verify this number button to send another verification code just in case. In the image below, the Account Number is missing but there is a Phone Number instead. Since it's LTE and has a SIM Card, I assume that it is the number of the SIM Card. Tried to send another verification code but still not receiving anything,



      I've repeated this a couple of times since the account is removed if not verified after 2 days. I've also tried inserting the SIM into a phone so I can have access to the Messages hoping that it was sent there but still no verification code.


      Hope you can help me with this. Thanks.