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    Globe Postpaid 1499 Plan Data


      Good day fellow Globe Planners!


      I recently got my new plan for 1499. Plan inclusions were unli call and text to globe and tm, 6gb data with data rollover plus as said by CA that Unli text to all net is a free service included in the plan. I just wanna make sure if its true.


      Second, does the 1499 plan has an anti billshock for data? If yes, if we exveed the allotted data for the month, will the data stop for outgoing? Or if not, what is the rate per mb? I have talked to someone with same plan and says that if he exceed the allotted data, the data is still functioning yet his bill still at 1500 per month due to the anti billshock.


      Hope someone will get on touch with my inquiry.



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          For the details of your Plan 1499, you may verify with the 211 hotline or through https://www.messenger.com/t/globeph/.

          • Built-in Unli SMS and Calls to Globe/TM worth 499 is surely included
          • Verify with the hotline your GoSurf data allocation (worth 999 if 6GB) + Unli SMS All Net (worth 299)
          • 499 + 999 + 299 = 1797
            • This is already more than 1499 so it would be best to verify if Unli SMS All Net is truly included


          According to Worry-Free Guarantees | Postpaid - Globe:

          1. The Anti Billshock is worth P1500 for GoSurf 99/299/499/999:
            • 99 + 1401 = 1500
            • 299 + 1201 = 1500
            • 499 + 1001 =  1500
            • 999 + 501 = 1500
          2. The Anti Billshock is worth P3000 for GoSurf 1799/2499:
            • 1799 + 1201 = 3000
            • 2499 + 501 = 3000


          Data will not stop if you exceed the allocation. Regular rate is P2 per megabyte but charging will be capped (in bold above) thanks to the Anti Billshock.

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            if that is what they have discuss and yes they do offer unli all net text for free for 24 months. And for data allocation if you exceeded 6gb allocation that would be 2pesos/mb but it has a anti bill shock of 1500 including your data pack. For computation if you have your data pack at 999 6gb and you have exceeded to 20gb allocation so the bill shock is 1500 less your data plan of 999 that would be 501 on top of your bill. So 1499 + 501=2000 max bill if only data has exceeded.

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              M' Zel


              Hi regarding your concern of if Unli text to all net is a free service included in your plan, Kindly call the hotline 211 or (02)730-1000 to verify because in regular based, plan 1499 includes gosurf 999 (6GB) and unlicall and text to globe/tm 499 unless there is special package or promo given upon your availment


              Second, Gosurf 6GB has bill cap of 1500.  if you exceed your allocated MB’s, you will be charged P2 per MB but you will not be charged more than P1,500. Once you hit 1,500, usage will continue as usual but charging will stop. It means 1500-999= 501 will be charge on top on your plan 1499

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                  I did call the 211 hotline and they confirm that Unlitext to All Network is a free services of 1499. You do have 1499 plan? If yes, did they charged you with text to other networks?


                  As far, I did text other network and no charge on my bill. I just get charged by call to other network.


                  So basically, if I exceeded my 6GB allocation, 501 will only be charged on top of my bill monthly? I just wanna confirm about it cause I have fellows who is in the same plan and he even got 60GB monthly and he says, he only pays 1500.


                  Im just new with this with data plan and wanna make sure everything will be perfect. Thanks guys for the responses. It does help.