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    2151 Scam


      How can I get back my P50 load? 2151 charged me P50 load for something that I didn't even know. Below is their text:


      "Thank you! You can now enjoy your games from Game World! Download your 3 games at http://gameworld.ph until 01/05/2017! You’ve been charged P50 valid for 7 days. Quit? Text GWPH STOP to 2151 for free. Qs? Email [email protected] or Call/SMS 0917 610 2623 M-F 9am-6pm."


      They've already charged P50 before giving me the chance to stop it. I know that its just P50 but its annoying that it will always register me to something and get my load eventhough I'm not registering to any of their stupid useless thing.