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    Lost SimCard Replacement




      I would like to ask if it is possible for a Load Tipid Plan, have it's simcard replaced with a used prepaid sim?


      My niece lost her iPhone 6 with the load tipid sim 1 year ago and I keep on asking Globe MOA for a simcard replacement but they just keep on telling me that they don't have any stock. This has been the on-going scenario since December 2015. Almost every month, I will visit Globe MOA. Globe Podium, Globe MegaMall and all they can tell me is they don't have any stock for a replacement.


      In two months, the contract for this account will end and we haven't gotten any resolution or at least compensation for this.


      If until now there's no simcard available, can I just buy a simcard from 3rd party sellers/use an existing simcard and have the existing load transferred to the new sim and make it as the new number for the account? The accumulated load is almost Php 4,000 now.


      It's been 1 year and still unresolved.

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          Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

          Have u try Globe GreenBelt or Galleria, i agree Globe prepaid Sim Replacement is really hassle. For your second concern yes it is possible to nominate a new Globe Prepaid number and tagged to your LTP account, however for the unused remaining load on the latter account i dont think they can transfer it to your new number but you can file a bill dispute and once approved it will be credited to your LTP account as a form of over-payment,