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    Accuracy of data usage


      My plan is LTE Broadband for 1,299 with data allowance of 50gb monthly, that's 10 mbps. My plan was activated December 27th. I called the hotline earlier to verify my running usage (since I don't want to incur excess data usage).


      I was shocked when the agent told me that I have exceeded my data usage which is now running at 53.68gb! Imagine, 4 days of usage, just using 2 platforms (I'm a home based online chat support for part time only), also Skype, Facebook, and Youtube (which was used very seldom for that 4-day period).


      I'm wondering how this happened, coz my job is just a chat support, we never download anything, just purely chat conversations, and is just part-time. Now I asked the agent that I will definitely file for a dispute for my running usage.


      Now I'm in doubt how Globe manages data usage reports. Hope this will be resolved,