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    LTE covered area?


      Hello, I would like to verify the area of Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon City near Sauyo Road/Republic Avenue, QC if whether it is an LTE covered area.


      Since as per checking with my IPhone 6s, my signal indicates that it is connected to LTE. However, as per indicated in the official list of Globe in this website: http://www.globe.com.ph/help/data/lte/lte-coverage-areas - Barangay Pasong Tamo, QC near Republic Ave and Sauyo are not yet part of it.



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          MR GT.

          Hi, upon checking ur location is not part of LTE sites u can lower down into WCDMA or 3g ur data connection for faster connection

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            M' Zel

            Yes your area is not yet provided, the reason why you still connected to LTE even your area is not yet LTE provided because you are nearer to the LTE site. You can refer below the LTE sites at Quezon City:

            Quezon CityParts of Obrero St., San Roque St., Tawiran St., San Gabriel St., San Jose St., Economia Road, Eastwood Palm Tree Avenue, Garden Road and Orchard Road
            Quezon CityParts of Fernsville, Whitefield Avenue, Titan St., Apollo St., Calypso Avenue, Poseidon St., Acropolis Drive, Atlas St., Penelope Lane, Cecilleville and E. Rodriguez Avenue
            Quezon CityEastwood City Cybermall One
            Quezon CityEastwood 1880
            Quezon CityPart of E. Rodriguez Ave. Near Nissan, Part of Ortigas Ave. Grean Meadows: Parts of Swallow Drv., King Fisher St., Oriole St, Butterfly St., Dragonfly St.
            Quezon Citypart of Katipunan Avenue near Ateneo, Part of Ateneo near C5, F. Dela Rosa St., Esteban Abada St., C. Salvador St, Park 9 St
            Quezon CityPart of Commonwealth Avenue near Berkeley square, Demetria Reynaldo St., P. Quiambao St., T. Sora Flyover., Tandang Sora Ave near Commonwealth, Valerio Kalaw St
            Quezon CityABS-CBN main Building
            Quezon CityPart of Quezon ave near ABSCBN, Sct Albano St, Times St., Examiner near Qave., Dalisay St.,Masaya St., Panay ave., Bulletin St., West 4th St. mother Ignacia Ave
            Quezon CityPart of Purok Aguinaldo St., Part of A. Melchor St., Part of Nicanor Reyes St., C. Salvador St., Esteban Abada St., Hardin ng Rosas, Hardin ng Bougainvilla
            Quezon CityParts of Calle Industria, C5 Acropolis, Economia Road, San Jose road, San Roque St., San Pablo St, Obrero St., Mangahan St, Calypso Ave., Odysseus St
            Quezon CityParts of Timog Ave., parts of Scout Madri?an St., parts of Tomas Morato Ave., parts of Scout Tuason St., parts of Scout Borromeo St., parts of Scout Rallos St., parts of Scout Limabaga St., parts of Scout Fernandez St.
            Quezon CityThe Golf Hill Terraces, Golfhill Gardens, parts of Pentagon Homes Subd., parts of Country Villas St., parts of Ayala Heights Subd., parts of Ayala Hillside Estates, parts of Alpha Village, parts of Celebrity Sports Plaza, Omega Dr., parts of Delta Dr., parts of Sigma Dr., parts of Upsilon St., parts of Pentagon Rd., parts of McGregor St., parts of Naples St., parts of Capitol Hills Dr., parts of Padre Gomez St., Trece Martires St., Padre Zamora St., parts Del Pilar St., Aguinaldo St., P. Burgos St.
            Quezon Cityparts of MWSS, parts of Dagohoy St., Ricarte St., Sto. Ni?o St., St. Francis St., Kristong Hari St., parts of Tandang Sora Ave., parts of Katipunan Ave., parts of PAGASA Compound
            Quezon CityParts of Commonwealth Ave., part of UP-Ayala Techno Hub, University Ave., parts of C. P. Garcia Ave., parts of E. Jacinto St., Lakandula St., parts of T.M. Kalaw St., parts of E. Delos Santos St., parts of Roxas Ave., Ylanan St., parts of Magsaysay Ave., parts of Osme?a Ave., parts of Roxas Ave., parts of Juan Luna St.
            Quezon CityParts of Cayetano Arellano St., parts of Pasong Tirad St., parts of Sultan Kudarat St., Rajah Soliman St., Lakandula St., Emilio Jacinto St., Lopez Jaena St., Vicente Lim., Dagohoy St., Aguinaldo St., Balagtas St., parts of A. Bonifacio St., parts of Ayala Heights Dr St., parts of Padre Gomez St., parts of Capitol Hills Dr St., London Ave., parts of Katipunan Ext., Seattle St., Boston St., parts of Panama St., Berlin St., Paris St., Oslo St., Madrid St., parts of Amsterdam Ave., Rome Ave., parts of Zurich Ave., parts of Geneva Ave., Bonn Ave., parts of Vista Real Ave., parts of Yakal St., parts of Guijo St., parts of Milan St., parts of McKinley St., parts of Kennedy St., Fairway Ave., Ace St., wood St., Iron St., Green St., Eagle St.
            Quezon CityPart of E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., part of Montgomery Rd., Alexander St., part of Victoria Ave., Sta. Cecilia St., La Trinidad St., La Florilla Str., part of 14th St., part of 13th St., part of 12th St., part of 11th St., part of 10th Rd., part of Twin Hills St., part of 14th St., part of 9th St.
            Quezon CityOrchard Road, Eastwood Ave. Libis, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon City118 Orchard Road., Eastwood Libis, Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon CityAraneta Gateway Mall Gen Araneta Socorro, Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon CityICITE BLDG. 12 Orchard Road, Eastwood City Cyberpark Libis Bagumbayan, Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon CityPart of Ortigas Ave., Kansas St., part of Columbia St., part of Florida St., part of Don Vicente Madrigal Ave., Nuyda St., Luz St., Arcadia Ave., Paterno Cir, part Cesar Legaspi St., parts of Zalameda St., Yap St., part of Tabuena St., part of Sanzo St., part of E. Abello St., part of F. M. Zablan Rd., P. Poveda Rd., Guadix Dr., part of ADB Ave., part of EDSA, part of Fordham Rd., part of Harvard Rd., part of Wilson
            Quezon CityPart of Eulogio Rodriguez Ave. (C-5 Rd), part of Grean Meadows Ave., part of Swallow Dr., Flamingo St., Lark St., Pelican St., part of Nightingale St., Bluebird St., Lovebird St., Hornbill St., Flicker St., King Fisher St., swan St., Heron St., Oriole St., Swallow Dr.
            Quezon CityGumamela St., 19th St., Umbel St., 18th St., 17th St., 16th St., Violeta St., part of Magnolia St., Eymard Dr., part of Zena St., Sta. Ignacia St., part of E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., part of St. Peregrine St., part of St. Vincent St., part of St. Anthony St., part of St. Mary St., Florence St., Bryant St., Meridien St., Anniston St., Jasper St., Hamilton St., Fairhope St., Madison Loop, Alexander St., Montgomery Rd., La Florilla St., La Trinidad St., 14th ST., 13th St., part of Victoria Ave., Sta. Cecilia St., part of Dona Juana Rodriguez Ave., part of 12th St.
            Quezon CityEastwood Global One, Eastwood, Libis, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon CityTrinoma Mall Edsa corner North Avenue, Ayala North Triangle Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon CityTrinoma Mall Edsa corner North Avenue, Ayala North Triangle Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon CityTrinoma Mall Edsa corner North Avenue, Ayala North Triangle Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon CityPart of Samat St., part of Calamba St., part of Atok St., part of Banawe Ave., part of Simoun St., part of D. Tuazon St., part of Tirad Pass St., part of Maria Clara St., part of Cordillera St., part of Nicanot Roxas St., part of Biak na Bato St., part of Dapitan St., part of Sen. Mariano J. Cuenco St., part of P. Florentino St.
            Quezon City1800 Bldg. Eastwood Avenue Eastwood Corporate Plaza Bagumbayan, Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon CityPart of Col. Bonny Serran Ave., part of Katipunan Ave., V. Luciano St., P. Rizal St., part of A. Rigor St., part of Kalanitaw St., part of 20th Ave., Mascarado St., P. Tecson St., P. Pelaez St., part of Highland Dr., Crestine Dr., part of Hillside Dr., part of FVR Rd., part of C5 Rd., part of Milkyway Dr., part of Riverview Dr., Astoria St., Fordham St., Harvard St., Rivera St., Jamaica St., 4th St., Paris St., Riverdale St., 3rd St., 2nd St., Kew Garden St., 1st St., Oakville St., Fernsville St., Yellowstone St., part of Greenhill St., Pinesville St., part of Kingsville St., part of Roseville St., part of Arturo Enrile Ave.
            Quezon CityPart of EDSA, part of Howmart Rd., Eulogio Dr., B. Oliveros St., part of D. Carlos St., Private Rd., Victoneta T. M. St., part of Old Samson Rd., part of Kaingin Rd., Sampaguita St., Katherine St., part of Loraine St., Madelaine St., part of Christine St., Aranzanso St., Q. Baetiong Dr., part of Mahogany Dr.
            Quezon CityP. Poveda Rd., Guadix Dr., Part of Ortigas Ave., Part of EDSA, Part of Fordham, Part of ADB Ave., Part of Zalameda St., Part Nyuda St., Part of Luz St., Part of Arcadia Ave., Part of E. Abello St., Part of F.M. Zablan Rd., Part of Wilson St.,  Part of Tabuena St.
            Quezon CityCitywalk, Garden Rd, Eastwood Ave., Part of Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Part of Calle Industria, Part of San Jose St., Part of Paseo De Animales, Part of G. Gabriel St., Part of Orchard Rd., Part of Lt. Doroteo St., Part of Apollo St., Part of Calypso Ave.,  Part of E. Commerce Rd., Part of San Roque St., Part of San Jose St.
            Quezon CityPart of Main Ave., Part of Bonny Serrano Ave., Part of EDSA, Part of 12th Ave., Part of 11th Ave., Part of 10th Ave., Part of 9th Ave.,  Part of 8th Ave., 7th Ave., 6th Ave., 5th Ave., 4th Ave., 3rd Ave., 2nd Ave., Part of 1st Ave., Part of Main Ave., Part of Liberty Ave., Part of P. Tuazon Blvd., Planas Site I, Part of Capinpin Ave., Part of Camacho, Part of Gen. de Leon St., Part of 1st Lt. V. Alagar St., Part of 1st Lt. Alfabeto St., Part of General J. Delos Reyes St., Part of Col. Delgado, Part of Mariposa, Real Ave., S Rd., Part of W Rd., Part of N Rd
            Quezon CityParts of Libra St., Starline Road, Promenade Ln., Evening Glow Rd., Riverview Rd., Milkyway Dr., Twin Peak Dr., Comets Loop, Union Ln., FVR Rd., Hillside Dr., Col. Boni Serrano Avenue, E. Rodriguez Avenue, Katipunan Interchange, Fordham St., Harvard St., Riviera St., Woodside St., Astoria St., Riverdale St., Jamaica St., JM Basa St., Mercury Avenue, 1st St., 2nd St., 3rd St., 4th St., Kew Garden St., Paris St., Oakville St., Eastwood Avenue, Fernsville St., Kingsville St., Yellowstone St., Greenhill St., Whitefield Avenue, Titan St., Orchard Rd., G. Gabriel, Sgt. De Leon
            Quezon CityParts of Kingsville St., Charleyville St., Joey Ln., Roseville St., Queensville St., Penelope Ln., Acropolis Dr., Cecilleville, Whitefield Ave., Goldstar St., Greystone St., Sarangaya Ave., Red Arrow, Nathan St., Dainty St., Derby St., Fordham St., Katipunan Avenue, P. Santos Ave., Arturo Enrile Ave., Whiteplains Ave., Francisco Rd., Castrillo St., Navarro St., Manansala St., Hechanova St., David St., Abueva St., Joaquin St., Edades St., Fuentes St., Luna  St., Young St., Don Vicente Madrigal Ave., Perez cir., Sanso St., Panther Rd., Giraffe St., Owl St., Swallow Dr., Parrow St., Heron St., Dove St., Greenmeadows Ave., Lovebird St., Bluebird St., Nightingale St., Flamingo St., Parakeet St., Derby St.,
            Quezon CityEastwood Excelsior, Eastwood Ave., Eastwood City, Cyberpark, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City
            Quezon CityIBM Plaza, Eastwood Avenue, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City
            Quezon CityEastwood Avenue, Eastwood City, C-5 road, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City
            Quezon CityCitibank Square E. Rodriguez Ave., Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City
            Quezon CityE. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C-5 Road) cor. Eastwood Avenue, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City



            Quezon CityELJ Building, Mother Ignacia Ave., Quezon City, NCR
            Quezon CityThe Block, SM City - North Edsa, North Ave. cor EDSA, Quezon City NCR
            Quezon CityNTC Headquarters, BIR Road, Brgy. Pinyahan, Quezon City, Metro Manila
            Quezon CityAraneta Coliseum, Gen. Araneta Socorro, Quezon City
            Quezon CityPart of Aurora Blvd., Maryland St., part of Denver St., part of EDSA, part of Sgt. J. Catolos St., part of Felix Manalo St., part of E. Rodriguez Sr., St., Mote de Piedad St., part of Lantana St., Brooklyn St., Spencer St., Manhattan St., Seattle St., part of Boston St., part of N. Domingo St., part of Natib St., part of Driod St., part of Arayat St., part of C. Benitez St., part of Batay St., part of Zambales St., Irid St., Mataba St., Malabito St., Matulin St., Pinatubo St., General Santos St., Annapolis St., part of St. Mary St.
            Quezon CityPart of Buendia Ave., Lakandula St., part of L.P. Leviste St., Gallardo St., part of Tordesillas St., part of Bautista St., part of San Augustin St., part of H.V. Dela Costa St., part of Valero St., Valero Access Road, part of Sedeno St., part of Ayala Ave., part of Dela Rosa St., Zuellig Loop, part of Metropolitan Ave.

            So please make sure that your device and SIM are LTE-capable so you can access Globe's LTE network within these areas.