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    my pocket wifi cant connect to google and youtube


      after the day i bought my pocket wifi i cant connect to google and youtube.. can you please help me?

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          M' Zel

          How about to the other apps like Facebook or viber? If cant connect to internet,

          Step 1


          • Check if the APN is correct.
          • APN should be internet.globe.com.ph.
          • If APN is correct, do other troubleshooting.
          • Proceed to Step 2 only if APN is incorrect.


          Step 2 (Only applies if APN is incorrect)


          While device is on, hold the RESET button until it turns off and blinks.


          Once do a factory reset of the device again in the future, the APN they have inputted manually on the Profile Management will return to blank, refreshed as new. Subscriber will need to manually add APN again using the same process.


          Step 3: Turn on the device and connect to the WiFi

          Step 4: Open the browser of your laptop or tablet, go to and click Profile Management

          Step 5: Enter the ff

          - Username: admin
          - Password: admin

          Step 6: Type the ff details:

          - Profile Name: Tattoo Postpaid
          - APN: internet.globe.com.ph
          - Leave the username and password blank
          - SAVE the profile

          Step 7: It should say connected after doing this

          If this troubleshooting didn’t work, please check device/sim separately to see if working properly. You can insert the simcard from your pocket wifi to your mobile phone