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    False advertisement with Chromecast


      Dear globelive


      I upgrade my account from 5MBPS to 15MBPS with chromecast and netflix& HOOQ last september, I keep on calling for the past months to check if when will be the chromecast delivered and you CS keeps on filing reports and giving me countless REF# which i dont keep noting because its already noted on our account. newyear passed and i called you again today to check for the status of the chromecast because my aunt who upgraded their plan last november got their chromecast last december ( FUNNY RIGHT?). so now this agent told me that the chromecast is not included on my plan - its not included on my account not only that i look for a supervisor to explain the fucking situation and guess what they hang up on me 2x isnt that funny globe?


      I Have a stupid question for you guys:


      1. kung hindi kasama ung chromecast sa plan ko like the agent telling me today, bakit kayo nag aadvertise na ung plan 1599 is may hooq+netflix+chromecast na kasama

      2. bakit same plan lang kami ng aunt ko mas nauna lang ako nag upgrade pero bakit sya may chromecast ako wala?

      3. bakit ung mga agent nyo keep on telling me na out of stock or on process then hindi pala ko kasama sa may chromecast? so paasa lang kayo ? nang gagago ng subcriber nyo?


      Pakisagot lang ung mga stupid question ko kasi nag sasawa na ko tumawag sa center nyo