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    Load Panalo is Glitchy


      I've joined your globe load panalo for years now and I've lost track of how many spins I've spent only to see that dreading try again popup message. However, earlier this day (around 8am today) my spin won me a phone. But the name of the phone is scrambled and looks like an overlapping samsung/cherry. Here is a screenshot so you'd know what I'm saying: http://imgur.com/zZW1dkZ

      http://imgur.com/w7jLgxp (I spinned again and got the same result)


      Apparently, I did not win anything since the only notification message I got from globe is a trivia from 2363.


      Hey Globe, can you tell me what happened?

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          I experienced the same last Sunday. I tried calling Globe but they cant give me an answer. I tried calling Xurpas but no one is answering. So, I think this load panalo thing is just some kind of a gimmick. Globe said there is no way they can check it on their database as well. This is frustrating. I hope someone from Globe can help us.