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    Postpaid Account, Prepaid Number


      Has anyone else run into this situation, and if yes, how was it resolved:




      I purchased a postpaid "Pocket Wi-Fi Unit" as a Christmas gift for my nephew.  I was given 2 SIM cards, one of which we placed in the Pocket Wi-Fi unit, the other SIM we placed in a mobile phone. Both SIM cards came with different telephone numbers but I'm guessing these numbers were "married" in a database so that any changes made through the phone would be reflected in/on the Pocket Wi-Fi unit.


      What's confusing is the SIM and number associated with the Pocket Wi-Fi unit is a "postpaid number" (which is correct), whereas the SIM and number that I received for the mobile phone is prepaid number (with only P1.00 credit remaining).




      My nephew cannot access any websites or links, but can only send text messages through messenger.  Is this because the Phone SIM only has P1.00 of credit?


      Tech support says the line is testing OK and there should be no problem, and Customer Service (bless their hearts) does not seem to understand what I'm saying and therefore transfers me to different departments.