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    GCash App


      Can i use my existing GCash account in another GCash App installed in another smartphone that does not hold the SIM containing my mobile number?

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          Hi odettebas, yes you can but for my observation, this will only work for iOS devices.


          If your device is an iOS, here's the instruction:


          1. Open the GCASH app and enter your PIN. A pop-up message will appear that will open your message app with the code.

          2. Copy the code and send it from the GCASH number which you intended to use in the app and send it to 2887.

          3. Turn your phone into Airplane mode with the Wi-Fi still connected and tap send. (Turning it to Airplane mode will prevent the app from using the installed SIM on your phone for the app.)

          4. GCASH app will now log in using the number which sent the code.


          I have no Android phone or any other platforms so I don't know if the same method works for all.

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