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    IP phone can dial out and receive calls. The other end can hear me but I cannot hear them.


      I have an IP phone (Iwatzu IX-5910) and the PoE (Power over Ethernet) is Dahua 4/8-Port. My broadband is Globe Plan 1299 with TP Link Wireless Router. The recent (1/10/17) speedtest result is:

           ping: 45 ms

           download speed: 5.30Mbps

           upload speed: 1.41Mbps

      I tried using the phone by calling a USA number and it worked well. However, I'm encountering problem recently. I can dial out, can receive calls and the one I'm calling can hear me but I cannot hear them. Is this something to do with the Internet speed or IP address (dymanic vs. static) or something else? I tried calling Globe for a couple of times already but it seems the agents cannot understand the problem. Should I request to increase the Internet speed or to provide me a static IP address - is this even possible?  I hope somebody here can help me figure out how to resolve this issue. Thank you!