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    Voting Questions: 7Million Jobs weekly TV Series


      Hey Everyone!

      I have no clues on how to setup Globe for a contest to let users vote their favorite personality and need your assistance, advice and comments. On my YouTube I have about 220 videos so I am not afraid to upload. But I've this plan to bring up to 7Million Jobs in tourism to the Phils and have the show hosted by say 3 guest judges. Like you see on American Idol, Sing China and other shows. Now because there are likely to be thousands of pinoy wanting to be a regular judge there needs to be a system to help select the most popular people only. You've seen on TV they tell you to vote your most favorite by texting xxxx to this code number for this contestant and text yyyy to this code number to vote for that contestant? Well I'm thinking that is the best way to proceed. Only I don't know how to proceed.


      So with your help, we can successfully launch a national contest to find 3 popular personalities with a large support base (to help bring viewers!) who will help make this simple 1/2 hour weekly jobs creating program a big success for many seasons to come. I'm not online daily, BUT will reply if you have questions, comments, and useful advice. And yes, there is a website, and NO there are no sponsors yet. NO Gov't officials have signed on, either.


      What are the qualifications of judges? They should have some business and marketing backgrounds, in order to give advice to the winners of the 1st place, 2nd & 3rd place prizes - awarded each week. To explain why those winners were chosen amongst all contestants.


      Doctor Mason