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    Frustrated Globe Customer


      Hi !! I had been having this issue for than a year and my contract already expired it seems nobody from Globe Technical Support /Installation/Repair can resolve my issue.The Globe Onsite Technician told me that I have to be migrated to a different DSL Cabinet and  I had been calling and requesting for a facility check but Globe keeps on saying that there is no available port . The funny thing is in our area  They are still selling their service even though the said cabinet is full. The Customer support Technical/Retention keeps on saying that  they have  Freeze selling in our area but I am seeing a lot of new service installation. I had been also offered by their sales people to get a new plan and they can work on giving me a cabinet slot ..lol.. I'm thinking that Globe Telecoms does not value their Old  Customer.They don't have any coordination with their onsite people. So frustrating since our family uses the internet rather than saving some money I have to buy a Prepaid LTE Mobile Wifi.Is there any way for me to have a reliable and faster Internet connection?