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    Please return the 50 pesos you removed from my prepaid load this morning on your 2151 gamepad service or i shall seek legal action on the matter.


      Globe i know you are scamming your customers by intentionally subscribing them to your gamepad service without even meeting the basic requirements of a valid contract.


      I expect the credit you took this morning on the number listed in the account to be returned else i will take legal action over this.


      As a telecom's systems analyst with experience in many nations i am fully aware of how your scam operates and it does NOT meet the fundamental basics of a valid contract.


      I will also contact the relevant government departments to see exactly what the profits are of the gamepad service as that will be very illuminating as to exactly how many people you have managed to scam through your auto registration services.


      I know how this works and YOU need understand that many developed nations have banned unsolicited signups to mobile services as its a form of theft.


      The question you may want to consider is, why would a 44 year old UK expat wish to play a number of games directed at children and why would I sit around and allow you to continually remove credit from my prepaid loads when i have not visited sites that may ask me if i wish to avail of such services.


      Return the load balance of 50 pesos to my account else i will pursue this matter in the courts and i do believe there will be several million subscribers in the same situation without my resources or knowledge that would be happy to see a stop to the removal of credits from their prepaid loads as well.


      You have been warned.