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    How does data allowance work?


      Good day. I want to know how the data allowance system(?) works in Globe broadband.

      Our plan is P1599/month, internet speed of 5mbps, and 60 GB of data allowance or wifi usage.

      Because my family uses wifi and internet a lot, we usually finish the allowance before a month is over.

      This decreases the internet speed down to 1mbps or lower but we can still use internet.

      My question is, in that case, will the allowance for the next month decrease depending on how much we used after the given allowance for this month?


      Sorry for my word-choices and grammar. I'm a Korean. I am not even sure if this kind of question can be posted here.

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          Once your dat allowance of 60 gb is used up, your speed crawls to 65kbps for LTE wireless while up to 3mbps for dsl (not sure if true as still a lot of complaints). It will refresh the next month up to 5mbps but normally only a week you can enjoy a hugher speed of 4mbps. You have to wait for another month or increase the data allowance.


          In my case, I regret transferring from PLDT to Globe since my Plan 999 before has unlimited data allowance, with good speed but I was convinced by a globe agent on Plan 1199 with speed of up to 5mbps with free landline. I was impressed at first when my internet was activated on Dec 27, 2016 and show off to my friends how fast my internet speed. I realize that it only for a week. Since Jan 8 until now, we are suffering on low speed of 0.10mbps. We have to wait on Feb 1 to go back to normal but expect only a week unless you increase the data allowance from globe.


          According to Globe, they always say according to FAIR USE OF INTERNET POLICY once your data allowance exceeds within a month, speed will decrease up to 3mbps on DSL and up to 67kbps for LTE. Unfortunately I am on LTE.


          My lessons learned:

          1. I have to verify the feedback before I should avail. My sister has globe fore.but switched now to PLDT but I did not care to check with her. I should know what is data allowance. This is my ignorance.


          2.  I should be more patient. Last Dec 24, my pldt line was bitten by a dog. Pldt told me that they can fix within 24 hrs. Of course due to holiday, keeps on calling them to fix on dec 26 but later found out that Jan 6 is my schedule. Here comes globe with new promo. I grabbed it and installed on dec 27.


          I hope globe will decrease at least to 1mbps if exceeds my data limit.

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