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    When will you release new set of mobile phone and when will iPad be available again


      Im looking for our available handset and it seems that the same model from 3rd quarter of the year 2016.


      2nd quarter of last 2016 i'd inquire that you are looking for supplier on iPad's and now its 2017?

      • iPad Air
      • iPad Pro
      • iPad Mini 4


      New model outside store.


      • GR5 (2017) 3 GB or 4 GB Ram
      • P8 lite (2017) 3 GB Ram


      But on globe store:

      • GR5 old version (2GB Ram) and still on Plan 999.


      In addition to that, hope "MySuperPlan" will return its better than MyLifestylePlan.


      Hope this post will be considered.