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    MySuperPlan (Return)


      Hi Globe,


      Most of my friend leave Globe postpaid plan and convert to prepaid and/or transfer to other network. Since they try to recontact and their old plan profile is no longer available.


      I think most of the subscriber want the MySuperPlan than MyLifestyePlan.


      In addition to that, even the Load Tipid is more convenient than MyStarterPlan. Since MyStarterPlan is already have its profile, while load tipid you can create your own combination, profile and how to save your load.


      I, myself have a MySuperPlan before that's why i enjoy it and it is more convenient to me.


      Hope globe will revive the said plan profile or add new profile in MyLifestylePlan.

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          I am also hoping and waiting for better plans to be added to MyLifestyle plan (MLP). We should be able to customize our plans. Not everyone needs both unli calls and text. For me, unli texts to all networks with a few hours calls and some data is enough. So a plan with lower value is more appropriate. I also had to shift to MLP upon recontracting and I am now just waiting for the contract to end about a year from now and just terminate the plan if there are no new profile plans in MLP.



          Re: myStarter plans

          I was informed by csr that u can choose to have regular load just like Load Tipid or choose myStarter profile which u will still have to register manually. If this is the case, this could be a better alternative. I just wish that we are able to retain our postpaid numbers. It would be very convenient and I would probably shift to this.


          Lets hope and wait for Globe to hear our requests soon. ☺

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            I heard that globe will be offering a new plan , more data , unli call and text is no longer mandatory and we can customized our plan according with our lifestyle , I heard this from a close friend of mine , who's currently working with Globe


            let us stay tuned for more exciting experiences with GLOBE

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              When will the new profile will be available?


              As for the old profile...


              MySuperPlan = Unli Call + Unlitxt + data + landline number (Unlicall also) 599 monthly


              MyLifestylePlan = Unli Call + Unlitxt + some data?  = 999 monthly other is less 200 = 799 monthly

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                I don't know when , hopefully sooner