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    Deactivated postpaid line due after "exceeding credit limit"


      Good morning, Globe community!


      I'll just go straight to the point I recently availed the myLifestyle Plan 599 together with a handset (with Php 2400 cash-out) from Globe. I am barely in my first month of subscription when Globe sent me an SMS saying that my outgoing phone transactions would be temporarily cut after I had exceeded my credit limit, which is set to Php 800.


      I don't get how this credit limit works My outstanding balance currently sits at just Php 136.26. How exactly did I exceed my credit limit and how do I reactivate my outgoing services?


      *If it helps, I attached an image showing the current standing of my balances


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          This means that you exceeded your spending limit. You can check your unbilled charges usually spending limit for Plan 599 is 200. Your credit limit only indicates how much plan you can avail for example on your Credit Limit of 800 you can only avail until Plan 799. You can call (02) 730 1000 for re-connection of line. Line can be reconnected thru Hotline cause your line got deactivated due to exceeding spending limit and there is no re-connection fee for this.